All love should be recognized

In December 2013, 31 same-sex couples had their marriages made invalid by their local government.

In December 2014, 31 same-sex couples had their marriages validated by the world.

Meet some of the couples

Stacey & Corrina

"A year has passed since our wedding. Our memories are so clear, so fresh of us on a sunny, hot day joining together in a celebration of our love. With friends around us, a smile from ear to ear and tears of joy in our eyes we stood tall and confessed our love to each other. A year of bliss and a future of togetherness. We were married 7 December 2013. The happiest day in our lives."

Glenda & Jennifer

"Our wedding day was a wonderful celebration of love and life that we shared with our families and friends."

Alan & Joel

"The week of 7 - 12 December is a time to celebrate what we achieved: Having equality for 5 days in our home country. Being afforded the dignity to marry the person we love. Going into the Australian history books as the first same-sex couples to stand proudly in front of our family and friends and marry on
Australian soil."

Michelle & Annabel

"Being married is being lucky enough to devote my life and my love to the one who gave me the lifelong gift of her hand."

The Paper Anniversary

In honor of the couples' paper anniversaries, thousands of the most moving messages were 
transcribed into letterpress printed cards and sent to the couples. Smudge Ink has kindly
created custom cards and donated them in support of #5DaysofEquality.

View the Card Line

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